New Zealand Deer Hunt 2002
Hunting Testimonial by Steve Sandkohl

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I had never hunted in New Zealand before but was convinced to give it a try after talking to relatives returning from a fishing vacation there. They raved about the friendly people, and the spectacular unspoiled country, they speak English and like Americans.

I had met and struck up a friendship with Ross Green the owner of the Broken Hill property during several of his visits to the US. Ross described his philosophy of creating the perfect hunting experience in New Zealand. A large area with free ranging wild deer "seeded" with trophy class genetics.

Three hunting buddies and I booked a hunt during the Red deer's rut in early April. We flew to Auckland and rented a car and drove to Broken Hill. It's about a three and a half hour drive through dairy farms, pine forests, small towns, and passing snow capped volcanoes and ski resorts. 
The drive to camp is several miles of gravel and dirt road through a lush almost prehistoric forest of tree ferns, tea tree, and dense brush. The terrain is rough with 300 to 500 foot deep drainages and ridges of hills.

Camp itself is on a ridge with a commanding view of several miles in all directions. We were assigned a hut with four beds, modern, dry and clean. The restroom facility is located in a separate building. Ross has also built a Russian sauna with showers to warm up after the hunt. Meals are prepared with plenty of good food.

Dozens of stags are spotted immediately upon arrival at camp. We could hardly believe the size of these animals - the smallest one was a trophy.

The rut was on, and the stags were roaring up a storm. I had trouble sleeping that night partly from the anticipation of the hunt, but mostly from the roaring of a stag that wandered into camp.

The hunting was fantastic, there were so many trophy deer that my guide Luke Green, had to remind me to be selective and wait for an exceptional animal.

After a few hours of early morning spotting, a huge stag came running up the canyon we were overlooking to challenge two stags on the ridge we were facing. One of the smaller stags ran off but the remaining stag stood his ground. While the two were locking antlers, Luke and I moved into a better position for a possible shot.

After several minutes of fighting the larger stag drove the other off. The victorious stag was moving away from us over the ridge when Luke bellowed a roar. The stag turned and charged full speed at our position closing the 300-yard distance to 100 yards giving me an easy shot.

Everyone in our group had similar success with two beautiful animals each in four great days of hunting.

I highly recommend Call ' O The Wild's good personal service, and friendly people. They make you feel at home.

Steve Sandkohl 
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